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I'm Ivette! I have experience teaching Spanish from children to seniors. I know everyone has a different learning style so even when a lot of people have the same material each one will learn different.

I am native Spanish speaker who teach Spanish. When I studied English, I wanted to translate word by word. If you want to sound natural it's better to find a similar expression in the language that you are learning. Each language is different.  A language implies culture, history and more.

Lean Spanish With Me


Speaking is the best way to learn and improve a language. I am a native Spanish speaker and I learnt through practice. I remember I made mistakes with the irregular verbs. The verb to play is the most common mistake: "yo jugo" instead of "yo juego"! When you are learning you listen and speak the way you think it is correct! You need someone that guide you in your learning. 


I love Spanish grammar, but English grammar is hard for me. I know when you are not native some grammar doesn't make sense. It depends on your own goals if  grammar is important for you or don't. For me, grammar is like a recipe, I do need to have it, read it and understand it.

Online sources

In internet you can find a lot of materials to learn Spanish. You can check some videos, get a lot of free materials. But, where do I start? Check some free materials in the links.


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