5 best reasons why learn Spanish could change your life

Updated: May 25

1. There are 400 million Spanish speakers in the world, which means that you could communicate with all those people... if you knew Spanish. You will be surprised how friendly are people in Latin-American, don’t be afraid, learn Spanish, don’t be shy and practice!

2. Spanish is spoken in Americas, Europe and Africa; 21 Countries have Spanish as national language! When traveling you will need Spanish to meet locals and have an authentic experience. Globally, Spanish speaking counties rate low on English comprehension, meaning people who speak Spanish probably won't speak English (EF EPI 2019 - EF English Proficiency Index). In the most touristic places, the only people who will speak English will be other tourists and hotel staff. Don't miss out on the most authentic places known by locals.

3. Just in United States there are 59.9 million people with Hispanic descent (census gov.com).

4. Learn Spanish could help you to get a job or grow your business. In a globalized world, many companies are doing business in Spanish speaking countries. There are trades between Canada, USA and Latin-American countries. Canada has eight Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) which involve Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Mexico and the United States (Government of Canada).

5. Spanish pronunciation is easier compared with other languages. It’s a great language to learn! It’s easy to practice anywhere and you can find lots of materials.

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