How many times have you tried to learn Spanish?


Well, you will be happy to know that a second attempt at anything is always easier. Before I start explaining anything, think about someone who learned Spanish already, how did they do it? If you talked with three people, each probably learned different.

So, you are wondering what is the best way to learn Spanish for you?


In this article, I will share some of the best ways to learn Spanish and some of the mistakes that you should avoid while learning Spanish. I like learning languages! Also, I love to teach, so after a while I found a way to learn faster.


Don’t miss any part of this article and I bet you, you will find the best way to learn Spanish that fits to you.

How You can go really wrong with Apps to learn Spanish

I saw people trying to learn Spanish through apps and fail, but before we talk about what can go wrong let´s look at most popular apps.


Some of the most popular apps to learn Spanish are

Duolinguo, Memrize, Anki, and Rosetta.

I remember when I tried those apps. I think everyone have installed an app to learn a language at least once. Sadly, I would usually stop using an app after a week or two. See if that happened to you too. When I just started the app, I liked the pictures, but when I heart the pronunciation, I saw myself speaking like a native. I was so motivated. I started with the vocabulary and a little bite of grammar, but something was missing… I didn’t feel engaged.


I knew I wanted to learn but the app wasn’t for me. I identify with most of my students when they tell me their experience learning Spanish with an app. Some of them are very discipline and they learned vocabulary, but they weren’t fluent in Spanish. So, apps are a good tool for Spanish Beginners.

The Good

The principal benefit is that you have the app on your cellphone, and you can keep studying in your spare time. You don’t need to carry on extra material because you have everything in your pocket, and you can study any moment. You can learn vocabulary, pronunciation and some structures. Personally, I think it is good for listening.


The Bad​

It is repetitive and you can lose interest in learning. If you are a beginner and are planning to travel to a country where they speak Spanish, it will be hard to learn basic useful Spanish with an app. Learning Basic phrases or survival phrases in Spanish takes time. Practice gives you confidence to communicate in real circumstances.


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When you should never use YouTube

We all have done it but there is a problem with learning Spanish with just YouTube.


As a teacher, I used to play videos from YouTube to complement my classes. There are plenty of good Spanish lessons for free on YouTube. Teachers explain grammar, so you can look for a channel or couple of them and start from there.


If you studied another language, you already know how to keep going, but what if you haven’t. What if you decided to start studying Spanish today and you just speak one language? YouTube lessons are great when you know some Spanish but if you don’t, then you will be overload with an unnecessary grammar, vocabulary and materials.


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The worst about Spanish courses

If you though that by moving to a Spanish speaking country you will learn Spanish, you are in for a disappointing experience.


I used to think that taking a course in a Spanish speaker country was the best way to become fluent. I thought that it was impossible to become fluent if you didn´t move to the country.


The reality is that when you go to another country without knowing the language most likely you make friends that speak the language that you speak. So instead of making local friends and practicing Spanish, foreigners gather together speaking their native language.


You can be fluent in three months without expensive trips abroad, all you need is commitment.


Have you been thinking about taking classes with a tutor to Learn Spanish? The most popular platforms are italki and verbling.


Typically, teachers do not follow a program; each teacher has their own way to teach. The good part is that you have your private teacher.


The tutors are from different parts of the world… if you lucky you could find someone with credentials and a lot of experience. If you lucky that is.

Get ahead with Spanish Course online

Talking, listening and interacting through a screen feels different.


Here is a true story that illustrate what my point.


When I fist took a class online, I was nervous, and I did not know what to expect. I though I would not learn as much as if I were on the classroom. I thought the course should be cheaper because it was delivered online. This is what I learned at the end of my course online:

  • The class was engaging and fun

  • I could watch material over and over

  • I could put subtitles

  • I could review the materials as many times I wanted

  • I could hear my teacher clearly (being in a class sometimes is annoying because other people talk)

  • No need to print the material


A good Spanish class or Spanish course online should have the same characteristics than a face to face instruction.


Being physically in a classroom doesn’t grant a magical bonus to learning. The difference is content that is tailored for your needs.

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